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4 Must-Have Email Marketing Automation Strategies for Your Business

4 Must-Have Email Marketing Automation Strategies for Your Business

Email marketing works. But, it’s having a powerful marketing automation strategy that will boost effectiveness and basically bring in sales on auto-pilot. Here are the most basic things you should already be doing if you’re engaged in email marketing:

1. Target Your Sign Up Forms

The sign up form is the most fundamental part of any email marketing campaign. Without a properly performing form, you can easily end up with low quality leads or no leads at all.

Today, online businesses are no longer limited to the passive sign up button that typically sits at the top of the page. Dynamic marketers now have access to tools to actively encourage website visitors to register for newsletters at exactly the time when they’re most likely to agree.

Using the right tools, you can create custom sign up forms and set them to pop up when a visitor performs a specific action. Make sure the branding and messaging of the pop ups are relevant to the action and shows exactly what the visitor has to gain by subscribing. Doing this will greatly increase not just the quantity of your signups but the quality as well.

2. Practice Detailed Segmentation

You may have a profile of your typical target audience. However, even if their demographics or their interests are all similar, they all signed up for a different reason and within a different context.

There’s so much to be gained by determining what those contexts are. Use them to group your subscribers and then design custom messages for each group.

As email marketing gets more and more advanced, tools are becoming more and more powerful. They’re no longer just about setting emails to send on a schedule.

Now, they allow you to group subscribers based on a variety of data and send each group to their own journeys. Doing this won’t just improve open, click, and conversion rates. It also enhances people’s interaction with your brand.

3. Employ Automated Workflows

If you do it right, automated workflows can be a set-it-and-forget-it type of tactic. However, they’re so powerful that they could actually be responsible for majority of your sales.

Automated workflows work best in a series of 3 emails. The most effective one to employ is a series to welcome new subscribers.

Automated welcome workflows are so effective that they can increase orders by up to 90%. Other effective automated workflows are to revive inactive subscribers (75% more orders), and recover abandoned shopping carts (63% more orders).

If you capture birthday data, you can turn that into your most important marketing asset by designing a powerful birthday series and set it to send out automatically. Birthday series emails are incredibly effective because it’s at this time that it’s easy to make people feel special and encourage them to splurge on a personal treat.

That’s why birthday emails typically enjoy an open rate as high as 45%. With a tempting enough offer that progresses with each email in the series, you can easily enjoy a high conversion rate as well.

4. Use More Than One Channel

As funny as it sounds, email marketing is no longer about email. It has evolved into an automated strategy to reach customers or potential customers with relevant messaging, proper branding, and perfect timing.

While email still proves to be the most practical and effective medium, there are advanced tools that make it possible to automate communications across a variety of channels. The trick is just in making them all work together for a single, unified communication strategy.

By using different channels for different purposes but always with the same attitude and branding, marketing strategies become doubly powerful.

Doing this, you can exist in a variety of channels. Consequently, your brand can take a huge portion of your target audience’s mindshare. And, if you provide enough value in each and every touch point, they won’t even notice that it’s all part of a marketing scheme.

Email marketing tools have gotten so advanced nowadays that it’s easy to implement almost any marketing automation strategy you can think of. By keeping these four in mind, you won’t just improve your sales but your branding and customer loyalty as well.

Source Credit https://artdriver.com/blog/4-must-have-email-marketing-automation-strategies-for-your-business